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Ok, sugar — I’m Jennifer Aleysee, and I’m a webcam model. Actual webcam performer! It’s not a thing of my past. It’s my actual job. And I’m here to tell you how to become a webcam girl.

But before you read my guide, let’s honestly talk about the profession. There are a lot of prejudices about webcam models. And I’m here to break them.

Let’s start from the primary aspects. Yeah, sometimes you should do your private show fully nude. Yeah, sometimes you should stick in vibrators. But you will not be a slut, pornstar or anything else. Honestly, many camgirls sometimes rub their “flowers”, and the camming industry is a great way to combine good vibrations with fitness. So don’t worry.

And if you read my previous paragraph with attention, you’ve already noticed the word “sometimes”. Yes, camming is not only about jerking off hard to old farts for money. It’s just a part of the profession. To become a cam model, you should learn something else.

Firstly, you should know what men want cam. And do you know what? Such men want to talk with you, have a private chat with you. Yeah, in the first minutes of the show, they want to satisfy their dirty lust. But you already know that guys cum fast. And they remain on the site after they orgasm. So you should make them stay interested in you after they cum. Maybe you will force them to donate to you and cum some more. See, you shouldn’t undress to make them happy. It’s one of the main things, which you should learn once and never forget.

You shouldn’t undress to become a great webcam model. Sure, it’s one of the most popular prejudices concerning paid webcam. And now, I’ll break it.

Ok, as we finish our talk about nudity and your actions during the show, let’s talk about how to pass the webcam recruitment process. Here, I’ll tell you about:

  1. Which cam site is really worth it to start your career as webcam model?
  2. Which of them you should prefer to get some experience.
  3. How much do webcam models earn?
  4. What should you do if you are out of patience to perform in a group chat?
  5. How to make them horny without undressing, like other sex workers do?
  6. Some specific tips for exotic and successful cam girls. You can earn success as a plus-sized cam girl too!
  7. More tips, which will help you earn more as a webcam girl.

Maybe I forgot about something important that you should learn before you make the final choice to become a cam girl. But if you read with maximal attention, you will find everything required for you. So, I ask you only one thing, are you ready to become a star, get your own subscribers, and become rich working for a couple of hours a day? If yes, pay attention. Here you will find answers about private messages, the actual job and whether you should agree to a monthly subscription model.

How to earn money as a webcam model

Cam Model

Ok, let’s start from the basics,such as how to earn money as a webcam model. I’ll return to our widespread prejudice. You shouldn’t rub your pussy all the time. Most of the time you, like other cam girls, will:

  1. Talk.
  2. Chat.
  3. Receive video calls.

But it’s not your main salary source for this job. Much more interesting are the additional things, which will lead to a passive income, when you are offline.

It’s your public and private data. Oh, don’t worry! You shouldn’t leave your contact info. But there’s some additional ways you can make money.

  1. Create albums of professional nude shoots as a top cam girl.
  2. Become a part of a top site with a great community of cam girls.
  3. Stream the porn content on a regular cam site.
  4. Don’t forget about your Instagram and Twitter accounts, and maybe Twitch.

Ok, let’s start from how much do webcam models earn from the streams. For example, you can join LiveJasmin as a new cam girl. And there you can create your Public and Private Albums.

I advise each cam girl to find a good photographer in your state, and pay for a professional nude photo session. It will really increase your status when you’re starting out. But if you are not rich enough for this, you can make some selfies on your smartphone.

But why do cam girls need these photo albums? First, they increase your popularity. Second, some guys will pay to watch your private nudes. So it’s better to care about their wishes. So, if you want to know how much money you can earn on webcam modelling, everything depends on how many hours you spend there. The more money you want to earn, the closer it is to a full time job.

When you are active in your social media, you are already a great performer and have more perks than most newbies of the paid webcam chat performers.

Everything you’ve already read is a common truth of the webcam life for each cam girl. But most performers waste their time and can’t become popular exactly because they are not active on the camming sites. And now I will take us to the most important part of your profession.

I will not be telling you about the basic things like:

  1. Scheduling your shows to become a part of a popular camgirls community.
  2. Which type of sex shows is the best for new cam girls.
  3. How to fill your bios on cam girl sites.

And other things. You may ask a reasonable question — why? Simple! Because everything is individual. I know many women who don’t care about these facts and earn more than me. And also I know cam performers, who have a perfect bio, regularly scheduled shows, and they are cashless.

best webcam sites to work for at start of your career

How To Become Cam Model

Pay attention to the next fact! When I was younger and started my career, nobody would tell me about the best cam sites for beginners. And sometimes I was caught by con artists. It was awful. They stole my personal data and shared it with those jerks. They wouldn’t pay me. It really was a nightmare.

Now I’m an experienced slut. Hehe! And I know about the worth of top paying cam sites. And I really advise cam girls to start from there. Here’s a list where I regularly perform. Each one is are really reputable company:

  1. Stripchat.
  2. LiveJasmin.

But which of them should a cam girl choose at the start? Look, it’s not an easy question. It depends on many factors. From your level of lust, your shyness, your hopes about the profession to many other things.

See, there are two separate big categories for cam girls to choose from:

  1. Traditional cam girl sites with token payment.
  2. cam model platforms with tips which will help you make money from the start.

I like traditional cam sites for webcam modeling. But what’s the difference between them? In traditional webcam girls sites, you are streaming in public free chat rooms without sex. And guys pay you to chat, watch your private nudes, or ask you into the champagne room for a continuation. It’s a fair system.

And on a cam site with tips, you should perform all the time, and it’s really hard. It will squeeze you out, and I can’t recommend them to newbies. But if you like to stick in dildos more than 6 hours every day, you can try them. But don’t say that I didn’t warn you about them. It’s not a job for everyone, and you should know about the risks involved.

So, you can test one of the cam sites, which I recommend to you, but don’t forget about the tips which you already read before.

There’s some additional info about the flow which each cam girl needs to know as well as the pricing on many sites. But at the start it won’t be important for you. I will try to answer quickly. If you choose the best cam sites to make money on with a great traffic, you should defeat all rival models who perform there. And if you choose a site with poor traffic, you will just waste your time and your life. So I advise you to use their cam site just because they combine good traffic with weak competition.

Best cam sites for couples

Ok, as I finish telling you about the basic things for you as a cam girl, let’s turn to the more specific ones. As you know, most sites provide many additional categories for perverts. Regular porn sites offer:

  1. Couple porn cam models.
  2. Lesbian porn on particular sites.
  3. Specific girls on porn token sites.

And if you are not alone, and want to perform with your partner in a relationship (doesn’t matter, girl or boy), you can ask your partner to become a cam boy for cash. Here, the cam girl will prefer to really fuck on cam.

It’s fun, but only for the first time. But if you are a cam model full of determination, you can try it. Which of the sites, which I listed before, should you choose to become a cam couple?

I will recommend each cam girl to choose Camsoda for webcam modeling. There is a good community, and it is easy to start as a cam couple performer. And if you want to just become a webcam model without extra fetishes, you shouldn’t care. Camsoda is still as worth it as other camming sites on my list.

Of course, other cam girl sites, which I described before, are the best cam sites for couples and other cam modeling. So the final choice depends only on your tastes. But… If you really want to earn money, you can join them all.

But in this situation, you should make your own schedule of shows.

Best cam sites for become a BBW cam girl

BBW Cam Model

Ok, and what if you are a big, beautiful woman who wants to try out cam modeling? Are there any good cam sites for becoming a BBW cam girl? Sure! I’ll recommend some to you. They are places where guys are usually not looking for regular performances but want to find specific fetishes.

It’s good for you to enter cam modeling not only if you don’t have a tiny waist. If you are experienced in sex, or can show something specific, like an emo performance, or a tattoed pussy, BongaCams will be the best place for you. So if you want to know how to be a cam whore, just register on BongaCams.

Webcam model setup to help you become one of the best webcam models worldwide

Oh, I hate questions about the proper webcam model setup. I will tell you, if you want to become a cam performer, you will become one. And it doesn’t depend on your HD webcam, sound or anything else.

But if you are really interested in the setup and cam model lighting, I will tell you about the basic and pro setups, which will help you to become a successful webcam model.

The basic setup, which will help you become a cam girl, looks like this:

  1. Good smartphone with good quality webcam.
  2. Tripod.
  3. Softbox.
  4. Great internet connection, at least 100mbit/sec.

The tripod will help you to stabilize your camera. The basic camera in your smartphone is enough. It will be good if it’s an Apple iPhone. but if you use something like Xiaomi or another Chinese phone, you should take notice that they offer 50 megapixel cameras with more than one lens.

But if you want to become a webcam pornstar, you should spend money on something more. For instance:

  1. Professional photo camera.
  2. Portrait lenses. It’s a rookie mistake, which new models make when performing in front of wide lenses. Don’t repeat their mistake!
  3. Remote controller.
  4. Reliable tripod.
  5. More than three lighting sources.
  6. A renovation of your bedroom.

Oh, I almost forgot. In this situation, you should buy the OhMiBod toy, and other vibrators, dildos and all the stuff from the sex shops. And of course, some sexy dresses.

How to be sexy on webcam

Beauty Cam Model

The best advice on how to be sexy on webcam shows is to become a webcam model and be yourself. Hehe. Honestly, much depends on your experience, fetishes, and other aspects.

I can give you advice. Find the balance between an angel and a demon, the shy virgin and a dirty slut. And of course, you shouldn’t undress at the start of the show. It’s the main advice. The longer you keep your secret, the hornier the guys who watch your nude show.

Always smile on cam, show interest in chatting, and everything will be fine! And when you get on with the penetration, don’t forget about moaning. Guys are in love when girls that are screaming in lusty passion.

P.S. Here I have one special professional tip for you which will help you to earn more in private shows. If you want to be a sexy model on cam, choose the right lenses for your performance. It sounds weird, but you should use the 50mm or 80mm focus lenses. They make you much prettier than wide-angle lenses.

You can buy a special camera, or lenses for your smartphone. Here make a choice with your budget and don’t look at the preferences of other webcam models.

webcam show ideas

The webcam Show ideas is not a usual point of interest for a newbie. It requires additional research and testing out everything during the private shows. Much depends on your tastes, the stuff you have, and the applications. But here’s some ideas for you to start.

  1. Shows with voting. You give options and do those things, which get the most votes from members. It helps you receive big tips easier
  2. Forcing through donations. The easiest show. They are tipping, you are doing.
  3. OhMiBod integration. You can use other vibratoys like Keno on Chaturbate, or anything else. It’s easy! You stick in those integrated dildos, and when some of those perverts make a donation, it vibrates. Trust me, it’s worth it!
  4. Podcast. You answer their questions, while fully nude. It’s strange but sometimes fun.
  5. Collaboration. If you are full of lust, find another cam performer, who is with you on the same platform. And make a collaboration.
  6. Shows for tickets through third party apps. Choose a price for your devoted fans, and show them something extra-hot. All your fans will be impressed by your show! You will be making money easily and with full control

As you see, in webcam modeling there are more than a thousand ideas on how to satisfy their dirty pleasure. It’s fast, easy and without any specific requirements.

And of course, as a performer, you should watch and steal ideas from your rivals and other models, and pay attention to tools, which the cam site provides you and helps you earn more money!


Cam Girl

Ok, here we are in the most important part for each newbie camgirl. So let’s describe some basic tips & tricks for cam models, which will make your show interesting, and give you more fans at start.

  1. Be honest on shows.
  2. Use all the stuff you have.
  3. Create a schedule. Guys love to know where and when.
  4. Be different during each show.
  5. Don’t undress at the start of the show.
  6. Don’t be afraid of cam2cam shows.

How about being fully dressed, and hiding an OhMiBod or KenoToy in your pussy? Or rubbing through the underpants? It’s a routine of webcam modeling.

And of course, never engage in dull sex during the show. You are not porno performer, and not a slut! You are an actress, who is more than a sex doll.

Is camming legal — main answer for cam girls

Ok, there is one question left before you become a cam girl. It’s important for you and for me. So I must tell you whether is camming legal.

Yeah, the job of a cam girl may appear like borderline porn. And in some countries, distribution of porn is illegal. I will clarify this fact for you. The distribution of porn, and not of performances. So you shouldn’t worry about legit webcam jobs.

But there’s some things which you, as a cam girl, should really care about. The first of them — you cannot be from a Muslim country. Because camming there leads to some consequences. So if you are not from a Muslim country, you can chill.

The next is about tax for cam girls. The more you will earn, the more the tax office will watch you. So if your extra cash earnings are higher than $20k each month, you should register your private entrepreneur activity.

The best way to do that is to register like a Twitch performer, like other streamers do. Yeah, you will pay some taxes, but on the other hand, you’ll earn up to 20k each month.

Before you, as a cam girl, receive such a substantial salary for webcam modeling, you shouldn’t care about the tax office. So chill out. Everything is fine. It’s like an office job.

Exactly what can I say to you after all this? Hmm… It’s an easy job, really easy, but you should defeat your shyness. And good luck. Don’t forget that webcam shows are not the same thing as everyday life sex.

Now you already know all about how to become a cam girl!

Oh, almost forgot — if you still have some questions, you can ask me about them on the contact page before you become a cam girl. Yeah, I know, the webcam industry is not only about making money. It’s more than a job, it’s a lifestyle.

Hi there — I’m Jennifer Aleysee. I hope you already know me. Still, you can find me on adult social networks as Lana Lava. So yeah, I’m one of those webcam models who you’d love to watch on your screen.
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