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The World of Webcam is a young but growing industry, which has already defeated porn. Yeah, today, porno sites can provide you millions of millions of recordings. But all of them are similar to each other. And if you have regularly watched porn before, you already noted that sometimes, they are put in the same videos with different titles.

The Cam World is different. Here are no recordings. All are honest and true. But as in all growing industries, the cam world is full of scams and worthless sites. That’s why every day we:

  1. Watch fresh sites.
  2. Compare them by our criteria.
  3. Separate the Good from the Bad.
  4. Separate a scam from a real deal.

And for the best of them, we do our reviews! So if you want to find answers on how we rate sites from our list, you’re welcome.

Stars are not enough.

As you already noted, most of the sites are rated with stars. But a star is just our conclusion of those sites. To earn each star, the site should require some criteria. Of course, sometimes we can add or delete 1-2 stars, using our honest opinion. But the base rate is created by the following criteria:

  1. Assortment of girls.
  2. Possibilities.
  3. Ways to LGBT satisfaction.
  4. Interface.From convenience to usability.
  5. Prices, loyalties, bonuses.
  6. Our experience.
  7. Reviews from other members, which we collect from both sides of the internet.

And of course, you shouldn’t forget about the primary and secret factors we use to rate them.


The first and leading is the assortment of girls. Here we check not only all girls. We are looking at it with maximal attention. For a high rating, the site assortment should contain:

  1. Girls from different countries.
  2. Girls with a different experience in sex.
  3. Girls with different sexual preferences.
  4. Different races.

And of course, we should not forget about hair color, breast size, waist size, and others. In our philosophy, all perverts must find the proper girl for their tastes.

But that’s not the main reason. The main criteria is assortment, when talking about online performers. Because sometimes, old sites can contain more than thousands of profiles, but active users are less than a hundred. It’s sad, but it’s a real situation.


The question about pricing is the most difficult in the cam world. On the one hand — prices for tokens are similar on the most popular platforms. But on the other hand, the packs of tokens, special discounts, and pricing for shows are different.

So the lower prices, the higher our site in our rate. But it’s not the main factor. We are still watching the quality of the performances. And always prefer sites with the tipping public system because they provide you the unique possibility to watch porn-free.

Our Experience

Yeah, we pay on this site and check all possibilities. We test how the site works and girls’ quality, and we are trying to find illegal content. We do all that dirty work to save your money, nerves, and time.

Reviews from Members

It’s not an important fact for good sites. But when we do our basic separation of scams from worthy sites, we use it to keep all scams away. The reviews of the other members are not objective. But sometimes, they can check some things, which are lost. So we use them to ensure that we provide you only the best site with the best performances.

The Main Factor

We’ll tell you something about our secret factor. So the main criteria is not the quality of streaming or something else. It’s the level of sexuality. We look at these shows with the maximal attention to provide you only an ocean of lust. If some girls are too lazy or too shy, we will never recommend a platform with these performers. We care about the quality of your cum!

Hi there — I’m Jennifer Aleysee. I hope you already know me. Still, you can find me on adult social networks as Lana Lava. So yeah, I’m one of those webcam models who you’d love to watch on your screen.
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